Our products consolidate the information you need to act on, delivered to the tools you already use every day.

We simplify your business processes by strategically delegating tasks to technology.

Having the information you need when you need it, you are free to spend the necessary time to provide exceptional customer service.

Technology designed to let you be human.

Hynts Enterprise Communication

Today’s customers demand more. Running a successful business requires the perfect balance between exceptional customer experience and keeping costs under control. Hynts Enterprise Communications is designed with these challenges in mind. Using strategic process automation, Hynts frees employees to personalize each customer’s experience while reducing cost.

DeskKing Simplified Sales

Working a new car deal should be a simple process, but is often a frustrating ordeal. Searching inventory, pricing a vehicle that is not in stock, locating the current rates, and calculating payments each present their own challenges. DeskKing combines all of the information and tools you need to configure a vehicle, check inventory and calculate a payment are available in one place.

Building custom solutions for dealership systems integration.

We specialize in creating automation software solutions. Focusing on automating tasks that are best done by a computer, freeing employees to build relationships and loyalty with customers.

Our past projects have included standalone and web applications utilizing custom integration with dealer management systems and manufacturer dealer communication systems.

Listening to your needs

We look beyond the symptoms you are experincing to understand the true source of the problems costing your buiness.

Project analysis

Our top developers work directly to find the best plan of action to meet your needs while focusing on efficency and intuitive use.

Thoughtful design

Using an iterative release approach, we get users involved early to determine issues as quickly as possible.

Putting the plan into action

Once deployed, we remain in close contact with employees using the new system to ensure successful training.

Prepared for change

No useful system is truely static. We know your needs will change and when they do we are here for you.

Working for you
For the past 13 years, Sum-Ware has been building solutions for dealerships striving to stay ahead of the technology curve. While many solutions we build are too specific for general interest, we have had success providing DeskKing and Hynts as services.

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